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How MLMauction Works

Here’s how you start…
1.  Sign up for FREE! 
Just fill out our simple registration form and submit.  This is absolutely free, no hidden costs!  As a thank you, we credit twenty-five (25) Bonus (free to you) Bidz into your account when you complete your registration! 
Once you’ve registered, a confirmation email will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.  If you don’t immediately receive this e-mail from MLMauction™, we recommend that you check your Spam folder to ensure that it wasn’t mistakenly identified or blocked.  To avoid any possible mishaps, we recommend you add us to your safe senders list.  Once you’ve confirmed your account, you’re free to use your Bonus Bidz and buy Bidz and participate in our auctions!
2.  Buy your Bid Pack
Different Bid Packs are available for purchase according to your budget and comfort level.  Just be sure to be realistic.  The most common mistake of beginners is to set unrealistic goals.  It is very unlikely for a beginner to win a MacBook Pro on their first auction using the cheapest Bid Pack. 
Remember, you may be playing against seasoned Penny Auction veterans.  Select a Bid Pack that is suitable for the type of item(s) you want to Bid on.
3.  Select your Auction(s) 
Step 1:             Open the Auction(s) you are interested in, by clicking on the item image.
Step 2:             Add the item(s) to your watch-list to track the start times and details for each auction you
                 &nbs p;      plan on bidding on.
                 &nbs p;                    ;    
MLMauction offers an extensive choice of products to Bid on, or to buy.  All of our products are brand new and covered by the original manufacturer's warranty. 
Auction Types
A Seat Auction differs from a regular Penny Auction.  In order to participate in a Seat Auction, Users must first purchase a seat.  A Seat Auction is limited to a set number of participants, and the auction does not start until the minimum seat purchase requirements have been met.  When all of the seats are filled the auction will start automatically.  Once the seat auction goes live, Bidz are totally free of charge, so participants can place unlimited Bidz until the Timer reaches zero.  At the end of the auction, the "Winner" will pay the final price of the auction. 
If they are not already members you can "Invite a friend" from the "My Account" menu and receive 5 Bonus Bidz for doing so. 
Take your seat and play to win BIG! If all seats are not taken by the auction end time, the Bidz that you used to purchase your seat will be automatically credited back to your account.
Premier Auctions are for High-end items.  To Bid on a Premier Auction, Users must purchase a Premier Bid Pack that contains bids at a premium fee appropriate for the items offered.  These auctions work the same as a Standard Penny Auction, but the Bidz cost a bit more, and the items are premium items.   
Speed Auctions are auctions that run for a shorter duration with the timer.  A typical Speed Auction shortens the countdown time for bidding incrementally.  Instead of the typical twenty (20) seconds which a bidder had to place a bid, the countdown timer will gradually be shortened to 15 seconds, 10 seconds, etc. to speed up the auction and create more excitement for the participants.  At the auction end, the extended time will only reset to 10 seconds, encouraging a fast paced, exciting auction experience. 
A Penny Auction, is a type of all-pay auction in which all participants must pay a non-refundable fee to place a small incremental Bid.  When time expires, the last participant to have placed a Bid wins the item and also pays the final Bid price, which is typically significantly lower than the retail price of the item.  These are regular Penny Auctions.
4.  Start Bidding to WIN!
Each winner has to pay the final price that was reached for the auction, which can be up to 99% less than the retail price.  This amount is paid, as well as the shipping costs and sales tax, if applicable.
5.  Win or “Buy Now” and finalize your product!
If you're the last Bidder when the Timer on the auction you’re participating in reaches zero, congratulations, you win the item you were bidding on!  If that’s not the case, then you can always use the “Buy Now” button.  Using this feature, you can purchase any product at any time during an auction and for up to two hours after the auction is over by applying a calculated percentage of any Bidz you have already used in an auction toward the product’s listed price. 
No Risk Bidding!                           &nbs p;                    ;                                       & nbsp;                  &n bsp;  
We encourage our Users to use a "No Risk Bidding" strategy.  What we mean by this, is for you to Bid only on items that you are willing to purchase if you do not win that item in the auction.  Because a portion of your Bidz are credited towards the final purchase price, if you use the "Buy Now" option when you do not win, you lessen your risk of losing money and you will have a better chance of actually winning and saving BIG!!
Also, look for the “Special Offers” in our eShopz.  These products are discounted below the retail pricing.  Bidding on these auctions is another way to reduce your risk.  Similar to a Standard Auction, when you win, you get that item at up to a 99% discount.  However, if you don’t win and you use the "Buy Now" option, not only do you get credit for a portion of the Bidz you placed, but you can then buy the item for far less than the retail price...  So either way you are a WINNER!! 
Shopping in eShopz is yet another way that MLMauction strives to bring big savings to you!  Remember, it is not necessary to Bid on these auctions in order to take advantage of the savings because you have the option to "Buy Now" at any time!
Buying Bidz
Buying Bidz is Simple!!!
You may purchase Bidz immediately after registration.  We have several different Bid Packs from which you may choose.  Once you’ve selected the proper sized Bid Pack for you, simply add your payment information.  From here, you’re almost ready to join your first auction! 
Remember, when purchasing Bidz, you are really buying the right to place Bidz, and each Bid is worth between $0.50 and $1.00.  Purchasing Bidz does not guarantee you’ll win, but the “Buy Now” feature is always available to you and it’s basically like spending money toward the desired product.
How Much Do Bidz Cost?
Depending on the amount purchased and type of bid, Bidz cost between .50 and $1, and they are available for purchase in Bid Packs.  At times MLMauction will have promotional pricing.  MLMauction accepts Paypal (our preferred method), Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
Learning How To Participate In An Auction
Now the fun begins! At this point in time you’ll begin to see Bidz as they appear on your screen.  This number will update every time you bid on our MLMauction™ site. 
Tip: We highly recommend that before you begin bidding that you watch a few auctions and take some time to familiarize yourself with the pace and the dynamics of an auction.  On the Home page you’ll see a section labeled ‘Live Auctions’ that displays the auctions that are currently running
The Timer
The Timer counts down consecutively until it gets below 20 seconds.  From that point on, the timer will reset to 0:20 seconds every time a Bid is placed, thereby giving other Users the chance to Bid again. 
Note: A traditional Auction… Resets at 20 seconds.
There will be times that MLMauction™ will host what we call “Speed Auctions.”  These are Auctions where the Timer will reset to a maximum of 0:10 seconds.  To determine whether or not an auction is a Speed Auction, check for the small timer icon accompanying it. 
When it comes to bidding, once again, we’re pleased to provide you with options... 
Option #1 is to simply select the “Bid” button.  Your Bid will be recorded and your User name will show up as the highest Bidder.  Each time you’re out-bidded by another user, you’ll need to manually click the “Bid” button again in order to have another chance to win the item.
Option # 2 is the MLMauction “Bidz Buddy.” This feature does your bidding for you!  “Bidz Buddy” is designed for you to go hands-free, or even Internet-free, as “Bidz Buddy” will automatically place Bidz from your account, per your direction.  Simply instruct it how often and how many Bidz you’re willing to give up, and the price at which you want to start bidding.
“Buy Now” Explained
We strongly encourage you to use this feature if you are not the lucky auction winner.  The “Buy Now” feature exists in order to guarantee that nobody ever loses on MLMauction™, so long as they commit to buying the item at our retail price, of course, there are people who will spend up to almost the item's retail price, not win the auction, and subsequently fail to exercise this feature.  We suggest that it would be prudent for you to ask yourself when times like this arise… “Why wouldn’t I just Buy Now?
How “Buy Now” Works
Let's use the example that you want to Bid on a $100 gift card.  In this auction you place 50 Bidz (at $0.50 a bid, that’s $25.00).  Let’s assume, in this example, that you didn't win the Auction.  In this case you may exercise the 'Buy Now' feature, and in doing so you would make up a percentage of the price of the gift card in order to purchase it.  You haven’t wasted any money doing this so long as you committed to buying the gift card at the retail price.  However, if you didn’t use this feature, the $25 you spent on bidz is lost to you, but still helps kids!
Once you purchase the item, we’ll process your order and it is shipped out as soon as feasibly possible.  We encourage you to keep in mind that only Purchased Bidz (as opposed to Bonus or Free Bidz) may be applied toward “Buy Now” purchases.   You must place at least one Bid in an auction to use the “Buy Now” feature.
MLMauction will periodically hold promotions where we give out Bonus Bidz.  When we do, we will be sure to inform you.  Our auction system is designed to provide you with the capability to see where you can choose the “Buy Now” feature below an auction's opened page.  Note that you can view this whether you’re logged in or not.
Can Everyone Be A Winner?
Yes!  In creating the MLMauction site, it was important to us that everyone be given the chance to be a winner in the auctions!  We want you to understand that even if you don't win the auction, you'll never have to walk away empty-handed.  Any time after you've placed your first Bid in an auction, you may choose to buy the product at a discount using the “Buy Now” feature.  You'll never have to pay more than the retail price for any products on MLMauction™.  However, understand that not everyone will win the auction at a large discount.  In designing the MLMauction site, we’ve designed a unique algorithm that is able to calculate a pro-rated percentage off of the price.
When you select the “BUY NOW” option, you receive a “Credit” toward the purchase of the item.  This credit, in turn, gives you a discount on the item you were bidding on. 
Bonus Bidz
Bonus Bidz do not count toward your discounted purchase price.  We sincerely appreciate you and your business and we greatly appreciate you referring your friends to MLMauction™, and as a means to thank you for your referrals, we are pleased to credit you with Bonus Bidz.
We are here to help you understand the MLMauction site to ensure that you will have the ultimate experience in auction shopping each time you participate in our MLMauction auctions!  Please contact our MLMauctionCustomer Support  at support@MLMauction.comwith any questions that you may have.  We’re here to assist you!
Prosperous Bidding!
Tips For The Best Way To Win An Auction
It’s only natural to want to know if there are any tips on how to improve your chances of winning an auction on MLMauction™.  Although there is no guaranteed winning strategy, we have compiled the following tips that Users have found to be helpful when getting started:
1.   Place Your Bid Within The Last 15 Seconds                                     
By placing a Bid in the last few seconds, you know that the time will reset and you'll become the highest Bidder.  If someone else Bidz, time will be added and you'll get another chance to Bid.
2.   Bid On The Cheapest Products    
You can get some buys on our “Big Ticket” items, however, these items also tend to generate the most competitive auctions.   Fewer bidders Bid on less expensive items, meaning  you are much more likely to win.
3.   Protect Yourself With Bidz Buddy
Bidz Buddy is a powerful tool when using strategic limits.  It is possible to intimidate your competition, because the other Bidders know that the Bidz Buddy will always place Bidz to keep you on top.  Your chances of winning are increased, and other Users know it. 
4.   Turn Your Competitors' Bidz Buddys Against Each Other
Some Users set the Bidz Buddy and forget about it.  It is simpler to win if your competition has stepped away from the computer with the assumption that their Bidz Buddy will fully protect them.  We have seen that Users tend to set their Bidz Buddy to a round number, so use this to your advantage.  You can wait for a round number and then place a single Bid after it.  This can be beneficial if, on the off-chance the Bidz Buddy of your competition has reached its limit.
5.   Watch Other Bidders
View the details of the last ten Bidz placed and try to figure out the following:
a)     Who is bidding?
b)     When do they place their Bidz?
How Bidz Buddy Works  
Bidz Buddy was created as a means for automatically placing Bidz for you, governed of course by how you instruct it to place Bidz.  Bidz Buddy even lets you bid if you're not logged on to our website! Using Bidz Buddy means that your Bid will automatically be placed in the last 20 seconds.  You'll never have to worry about losing your Internet connection or getting distracted in the final seconds. 
We designed Bidz Buddy for you with the goal of it being more efficient than other automatic bid placing functions available on other sites. 
Bidz Buddy's Protocol:  
  • You can only set one Bidz Buddy at a time per auction.
  • Bidz Buddy may be deactivated at any point during the auction.  (The number of deactivations will be limited to minimize server load).
  • If an auction ends, all unused Bidz Buddy Bidz will remain in your account.
  • Bidz Buddy will place a bid for you whenever the timer drops below 20 seconds.  It is up to the Bidz Buddy to select exactly when it will place that Bid.
  • Bidz Buddy can be set up by you with a minimum and a maximum number of bidz you choose to use. 
  • Bidz Buddy cannot be activated on auctions with less than 2 seconds remaining on the auction clock.
  • Bidz Buddy will start to Bid for you as soon as you click the “Activate” button, unless there is less than 2 seconds remaining on the auction clock.
How to Use Bidz Buddy:
In the Bidz Buddy area on the right side of every auction page, simply enter the “Bid From” price (which is the price you want the Bidz Buddy to start placing Bidz) and the number of Bidz you're prepared for it to use.  Then select “Activate”. 
Sit back, relax, and watch your Bidz Buddy do all the work for you.  Remember though, that you don't even have to be logged in for Bidz Buddy to operate.
When Two or More Bidz Buddys Are Set To Bid In The Same Price Range 
  • If there are two or more Bidz Buddys bidding in the same auction, a Bid will be placed sometime in the last 20 seconds just as if there was one Bidz Buddy Bidder.  Only one bid from a Bidz Buddy Bidder will be placed at a time.
  • The exact time that Bidz Buddy Bidz, varies, it can be anywhere between 0 and 20 seconds.  This feature is randomized to prevent other Bidders from knowing if a Bidz Buddy is in play.
Note:  While the Bidz Buddy function is offered on many of our auctions, it is not offered on all of them.  If you do not see it on the auction page, you might be looking at an auction where Bidz Buddy is not available.
The Item You’ve Always Wanted
We understand the importance of providing choices to you, lots of them, and at great savings! For this reason, MLMauction offers thousands of auctions and each one is guaranteed to have an auction Winner!
It is our intention to provide you with an incredible experience with valuable savings! In doing this, we hope that you ultimately choose MLMauction to be your one-stop shop for consumer goods.  In setting this goal for ourselves, we are constantly expanding our product selection to provide you with greater variety in your shopping experience.
Because our auctions make available to you literally thousands of products every day, we understand that it can become difficult to keep on top of all our offers.  We also understand that you, our valued customer, have a busy schedule and that it is simply not realistic that you can find time to check our MLMauction™ site every time a new deal pops up.  For this reason, we offer a “Notify Me” feature that emails you a notification about a certain product when it becomes available on an auction, and can further notify you of any activity surrounding that auction.  This feature helps to ensure that you never miss the opportunity to win the item that you and/or your loved ones have always desired!
Let Us Know What You Want Auctioned On MLMauction™
We go to great effort to provide you with the shopping experience that fits your lifestyle! To accomplish this, it is of paramount importance for us to auction unique items that everyone loves! To support our efforts in doing so, we hope that you will communicate with us on a regular basis.  We want to hear what your product suggestions are, so we can continue to provide you with the ultimate MLMauctionexperience!  Just send your suggestions to
The following provide simple suggestions as a way to keep up with the new products offered on MLMauction™:
1.   Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+… 
By following MLMauction on Twitter, you’ll receive special promotions for Bonus Bidz and you can be among the first to learn about new updates and offers.  Following us can provide many opportunities for you, such as knowing what new products are in their last few seconds/minutes of auction!
2.   Narrow your search...
We understand that attempting to sort through thousands of live auctions all at the same time is by far a too involved process to allow for a great shopping experience.  Because we place your shopping experience as a top priority at MLMauction, we have provided a way to make certain that you can always find the product you want.  To accomplish this, we have created a menu of Categories on the Home page.  If you’re searching for a new i-Pad, simply select the appropriate category to find the i-Pad that you are looking for.  It’s that simple!
3.   Familiarize yourself with our MLMauctionsite, and check the site often… 
We realize that life can be very busy, and it may be difficult to find time to check our MLMauctionsite every hour for your favorite live auctions.  We suggest that you try to find just a little bit of time to visit our site, every day or every few days, so you become more familiar with the times that items go live for auction.  Visiting the site often and becoming familiar with it can help you plan your auctions more successfully!
We believe if you follow these simple tips you’ll find that you’re more knowledgeable about the constant stream of new products as they become available at MLMauction!
How MLMauction™ Protects Its Customers
Shopping on MLMauction can be fun, exciting and lucrative!  It is possible however, that situations arise where a potentially rewarding shopping opportunity attracts people who will try to take advantage of such a system.   Because this possibility does exist, MLMauction has taken in-depth steps to help ensure that our customers have a fair bidding experience.  It is a policy of MLMauction to work hard in our efforts to prevent fraudulent Users from breaking the rules and creating an unfair advantage. 

We have a professional and strong Compliance Department with a wide variety of tools to help protect our customers.  We have provided the following tips to help you continue to have a fun and exciting time in a “fair” environment.

1.  Know the Rules, and follow them...   
The MLMauction auctionsite Terms and Conditions and Site Rules were created to provide fairness for all of our customers.  A link to the site’s Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of the Homepage.
Some of these rules, such as the “Win limits”, are automatically applied by our MLMauctionauction platform, as within the example: No more than 10 wins are allowed per week, and 40 wins per month.
Our site’s Terms and Conditions and Site Rules must be strictly adhered to in order to create a fair playing field for everyone participating in our auctions.  These rules are strictly enforced to prevent persons from having multiple accounts or using robots which may give someone advantage over other participants, for example.
We ask that you pay close attention to the paragraph at the bottom of the site rules that states: 

Important: Please note that breaking these rules (e.g. by creating multiple accounts for one person or by using robots) violates MLMauction™ Terms & Conditions and will result in the disabling of all of the violating customer accounts.  Any items won while in violation of the terms & conditions are not valid and will not be fulfilled.  Further, refunds will only be processed for the amounts paid for these items and not for any Bidz used to win these items while violating the terms & conditions.  Our system is set up this way to protect our customers and to provide a disincentive to anyone with immoral intentions from participating on our site.

2.    Do not allow others use your account, especially minors… 
Your username and password are private and should  be known only by you.  We will never ask you for your password.  MLMauction cannot, and does not take any responsibility for other individuals logging into your account and bidding on auctions under your account.  It is your sole responsibility to see that no unauthorized individuals, including minors, get into your MLMauction account.
It is important for you to be aware that MLMauction cannot, and does not support any claim arising  from a user saying that an unauthorized person logged into their account and Bid on an auction.  Requests for their money back for the Auction, because they claim... “It was not them bidding”, will be denied.   
It is your sole responsibility to keep your account information private, and doing otherwise can jeopardize your account security and/or disable your account entirely.

3.   Be yourself…
We want to make sure that your information is protected and that all transactions processed on our MLMauction site, are by customers that are who they say they are.  For this reason and in order to do our best to protect you, we carefully review billing information for each transaction processed on our site.  In the event there is a question as to the accuracy of the identity of the User, MLMauction reserves the right to verify certain information about you that resides in our records before we ship you the items that you have won or purchased. 
In the event that we find it necessary to ask you certain questions, it does not mean that we believe you have done anything wrong, it is simply a security measure. 
MLMauction does not retain any personal information other than what is provided at registration, and we will never sell any of your information to third parties, as noted in our Privacy Policy.  If you refuse to verify your information when requested, or you don’t respond to our verification requests, we will not be able to ship you the items and will refund the purchase price of the item. 

4.   Know your friends...
We have made the “One account per person” rule to provide everyone with a fair opportunity at winning.  If you use a friend’s or family member’s computer to access MLMauction™, and they use the same computer to access their own MLMauction account, you should be proactive and contact MLMauction Customer Support at to let them know about this.  We also highly recommend being especially careful that you don’t get linked with “friends” that have already violated any Rule or Regulation of MLMauction™.   
We do not tolerate fraud.  Stolen credit cards used or attempted to be used on our site are reported to the appropriate authorities.  We take fraud very seriously and prosecute whenever possible.

Are your products brand new?
Yes, all the products on our site are brand new and covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
We have secured a large variety of supply lines to be able to offer you these kinds of prices; such as store liquidations, out-of-business inventories, wholesalers close-outs, special agreements with tour operators (travel packages), or simply retail sites like and others.
Beginner Mistakes To Avoid
When new to MLMauction™, it’s possible you’ll find that a period of time, as well as some assistance is necessary before you completely understand our auction platform and begin to win auctions.  It is our desire for you to have success on our site and to enjoy yourself during the auction experience, and we have compiled some examples which offer a bit of tactical advice for beginners. 
It is natural to feel a bit unsettled going into your first few auctions, so we hope to assist you by suggesting the following examples…
Let’s start with two scenarios typically encountered by new MLMauction Users: 
Scenario 1:  Denise purchases $25 worth of Bidz in an attempt to win a new i-Pad. 
Denise wants to win this i-Pad for $25 at the most, so she would save a substantial amount of money!  
Denise spends all her Bidz on the i-Pad auction, but doesn’t walk away with a brand new i-Pad.  Denise says….."I don't like MLMauction” “I didn't get my i-Pad for $25 and lost all my money! I'm never coming back."  The story ends sadly for Denise and MLMauction™ both, since she lost $25 and we lost a customer.
Scenario 2:  John finds our MLMauction™ site, intrigued by the amazing low prices that MLMauction™ products sell for.  He thinks….“How hard can this be?”  “It doesn’t look much different from eBay!”
John buys a Bid Package and enters the Auction.  He spends $20 before realizing that auctions reset every time someone Bids.  "That’s not how eBay works!” he thinks to himself.  “I can't believe I spent my money on some scam.  Forget this!”  So again, in this example we have another sad ending for both John and for MLMauction™.
Here at MLMauction™, we want to do our best to see that these types of experiences are few and far between.  We don’t want anybody to walk away empty-handed like Denise and John did, in our above examples.  For this reason we want to share with you the three largest mistakes that Users may possibly make in their first experiences with MLMauction™.  These mistakes are:
1) Setting unrealistic expectations
We can't stress this enough that Users need to set realistic goals when participating in auctions.  If you are new to an online auction, though we applaud your enthusiasm, we want to be realistic with you by saying that you probably shouldn't expect to win an i-Pad on your first try with only the cheapest Bid Pack available.  We’re not saying it couldn't happen... but, it is highly improbable.  We want you to realize that you will be bidding against Users with far more experience than you have as a beginner, and that the odds are against you because of it.   
We strongly encourage new Users to start using the site by participating in smaller auctions.  Once you have some experience behind you, then begin climbing the ladder in your proficiency with the auctions.
2) Going for the most popular item as a beginner
It’s not wise to immediately go after the most popular item on our auction site.  There are a lot more competitors bidding for the popular products, and many of them are highly skilled veterans at this.   Once you’re acquainted with the site, you’ll understand that going after popular products necessitates certain measures to protect your Bid investment.  We recommend that you commit to only one such auction at a time, and that you don’t get too involved without considering using the “Buy Now” feature, if you don’t win, that is.
Don't spread yourself too thin when bidding on the “Big-ticket” items.  Be willing to devote more time and money to increase your odds of winning.  We believe that you will find that by spending about 1/3 of the value of the item in Bidz, you greatly increase your odds of winning the item.
3) Jumping right in 
As with anything you invest your money in, do research before jumping into MLMauction auctions.  Each auction is going to be different from the others, so read and understand our Terms & Conditions, familiarize yourself with the "Buy Now" option, the Bidz Buddy tool and our pricing structure.  We also recommend carefully watching other auctions to see how they unfold.  All this will help you to understand “the nature of the business," as well as what we strive to accomplish with our site.   
By limiting your understanding of the system, you are setting yourself up for a severe disadvantage.  As we always say, we offer a fun and exciting on-line auction experience for our customers, however we strongly believe that the stronger understanding of the MLMauction system you have, the more enriched your experience will be with us, and the more fun and success you will have!.
Bidding on 'Big Ticket' Items
Opportunities to win an auction on a brand new i-Pad for $25.00 arise every day for our Users.  Who would turn this deal down or a new Brand name television for $28.75? So how do you actually win the auction on these “Big Ticket” items? Here’s what we recommend:
The Importance of Realistic Expectations
Understanding that the more expensive items will generate the most competition in the auction is important.  When an auction item costs more than $1,000 it will always generate a lot of interest and bidding.  It is very common for more than 100 people to Bid on these kind of items in a single auction.  It is important for you to understand that such auctions are high risk/high reward and should to be treated that way. 
Winning such an auction with a small number of Bidz is possible and happens every day, however, we want you to understand that most Users who win more expensive items place a considerable number of Bidz before winning.   Winning these high risk/high reward items with only a few Bidz placed has been proved possible, but know that such a win is much less statistically likely.
Be Knowledgeable
We recommend following an item that you want to win and watch other auctions for it prior to bidding.  There are many factors that affect what price an item will ultimately sell for.  You can learn a lot by observing auctions prior to bidding yourself.  An example of this knowledge you may gain from doing so, is that you may learn that certain items will generate more competition and bidding during the nighttime, rather than in the afternoon.  Savvy Users are often rewarded for doing research before bidding on a large auction.
Focus and Be Disciplined
Focusing your attention and your bidding on a single auction and on one item at a time have a higher success rate and are generally more satisfied with their experience using MLMauction™.  We also recommend never entering an auction without a sufficient number of Bidz.  One role of focusing means being prepared by not getting into a situation where you would need to leave mid-auction to purchase additional Bidz.  Finally, be sure to set a budget on the Bidz that you are willing to spend and be disciplined to not exceed your budget. 
What If I Don’t Win?
MLMauction™ commits to provide a fun, engaging shopping experience and plenty of great deals to our Users.  One of the features that we have available that lets us stand by our commitment is the “Buy Now” feature.  Utilizing this feature allows you to use any Bidz that were placed during an auction to be put toward the retail market value of that product.  “Buy Now” is a security net that lets you confidently enter into any auction knowing that you’ll never have to pay more than our retail price for the auctioned item.  “Buy Now” is MLMauction™’ way of showing how much we appreciate your business.
It is our hope that this feature helps you win these “Big Ticket” items.  MLMauction does not guarantee that implementing the above listed suggestions will win any auction.  Auctions are dependent on the Users participating in them and because of this, it is not possible to be certain what another user will do, however, experience shows that following the guidelines provided above will increase your odds of winning in a given auction, especially if you’re a beginner. 
Site Rules
1.     Only one account is allowed per person.
2.     Only 10 Wins are allowed per account per week.
3.     Only 40 Wins are allowed per account over a 30 day period.
4.     No robots of any kind are allowed when using the site.
5.     A user may only post one review per product.  Users must be logged into their account and have
made a purchase to comment on the product.  Only reviews pertaining to the product and not the auction experience, customer service, shipping and handling, or delivery will be accepted. 
Important: Please note that breaking these rules (e.g. by creating multiple accounts for one person or by using robots) violates our terms & conditions and will result in the disabling of all of that customer’s accounts.  Any items won while in violation of the terms & conditions are not valid and will not be fulfilled.  Further, refunds will only be processed for the amounts paid for these items and not for any Bidz used to win these items while violating the terms & conditions.
We accept all major forms of payment such Paypal (our preferred method), Visa, MasterCard and Discover and if you win an auction, you must actively confirm your win and purchase the auctioned item, including shipping cost and sales tax if applicable, within 7 days of the auction's end date.
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