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About Us

MLMauction was created with three major foundational elements as the “Heart” of its purpose.  The first is to provide an enjoyable on-line auction experience that brings with it items which can be purchased at deeply discounted prices.  The second is to facilitate a means for this “For Profit” business to provide a system dedicated to assist in the funding of “Non-Profit” impoverished children’s causes in the U.S. and around the world.  The third is to provide a business opportunity for those who desire a way to earn additional income in a fun, smart and fast-paced way that affords the freedom of being in business for themselves while being an important part of helping children who are so very much in need of assistance.

Our Mission StatementIn an effort to care for the needs of millions of children who are without family, food and water, shelter, education or hope, MLMauction, an e-commerce penny auction site, has established an economic model whereby individuals, empowered by their personal success, are able to contribute to the needs and future success of these children. 

What MLMauction™Is… is a fun and fast-paced Auction site, coupled with a discount shopping site that offers a great variety of products at a fraction of their retail prices.  You can have fun participating in our upscale Penny Auctions and win your dream items, at up to 99% off retail prices.

If perhaps you’re not in the mood for one of our fast-paced auctions, just watch for our “Daily Special Items,” and click the "Buy Now" button without bidding anything.  Even without bidding, this feature still allows you to get one of any of our “Daily Special” products at up to 50% off the lowest advertised prices online!
Penny Auctions

Penny Auction sites are known as “Entertainment and Competitive Shopping” venues. Our site offers Users a “Buy Now” option, which consumers can utilize to buy the desired item at a price near, but still below retail.

Penny Auctions are basically defined as a Bid-fee Auction, where you pay per Bid.  A customer buys Bidz in what is typically called a “Bid Pack.” MLMauction™ Bidz typically cost between .50 to $1.00 per Bid, depending on the type of auction and your registration status (you can be a Customer, Preferred Customer or Ambassador – see “How It Works” to learn the differences).
In traditional Penny Auctions, with each Bid you place, a Bid is deducted from your account and the price of the auction rises by One Penny.  Once the auction’s timer reaches a certain point (usually 20 seconds), each Bid also resets the TIMER by a set increment (again, usually 20 seconds) to afford time for others to place their Bidz also.  This process usually ignites a “Bidding competition” as the timer counts down.  Whoever placed the last Bid when the timer reaches “0:00” is the Winner of that auction.  When you win, you have spent the cost of each Bid you placed, plus the final auction price and shipping.
MLMauction™ “Penny Auctions With A Purpose”
MLMauction™ “Penny Auctions With a Purpose” is a For-profit company that shares its revenues between the company’s Ambassadors, and Non-profit Children’s causes.  Thanks to your bid purchases, we can provide assistance and support to children’s causes around the world.  Each time you place a Bid, whether you win or lose that auction, it benefits a child in need!
We thank you for allowing us to share the MLMauctionfun money-savings opportunity with you, and for working alongside us to make a caring and positive difference in the lives of innocent children.


The MLMauction™ Team: 


Pressley, CEO (left), Cathy, COO (center) and Rick, CIO (right) enjoying a light moment.



Pressley Stutts, CEO:   Pressley has enjoyed a varied and successful career as an entrepreneur where his leadership skills, team building, personal integrity and business acumen have served himself and others well.  While in graduate school, he cut his teeth in the MLM industry and caught the vision of the opportunities it provides for those who have a dream, strong work ethic and desire to help others.  Over the past 30+ years, he has been a successful distributor with several companies and has served on various corporate advisory boards.  He has also served as a member of a corporate executive team with an MLM company.
The traditional business career of Pressley started as a director of development raising money for various non-profits, colleges and universities.  He then moved into the insurance and annuity business arena where he has assisted individuals and companies with their personal and corporate financial planning needs for the past 20 years.  He has owned and operated several restaurants and other successful retail establishments over the years.  He has also served as an advisor to businesses, helping them create their identity and branding as well as assisting them in raising capital which has allowed them to move their business models forward.
In 2011, Pressley retired as a Commander from the United States Navy Reserve where he spent 30+ years in a distinguished career serving as a chaplain since 1980.  For 22 of those years, he was attached to and proudly served with the United States Marine Corps.  During his career, he was recalled to active duty twice with the Marines – once during Operation Desert Storm in 1990 – 91 and then again during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005.
For some time, Pressley has seen the need to take a valid, profitable MLM business model (MLMauction) which rewards and empowers Team Members and couple it with a determination to help children in the US and around the world who are without food, family and faith.  He believes that the children of today ARE the hope of tomorrow and it is our obligation to care for “the least of these.”
Cathy Lanier, COO:   Cathy, a Chester County, SC native, graduated from Converse College with a BA degree in Psychology and minor in Computer Science.  She then attended the University of South Carolina and worked toward a MS degree in Experimental Psychology.  Gaining an increased interest in computers, she chose to seek a career path in Information Technology.  She first worked as a recruiting and HR consultant for a number of Columbia firms, moved into management with a local software consulting firm and finally, in 1989 started Technology Solutions, Inc. (TSI), a software development and consulting firm.
Under her direction, TSI has been listed in the “Inc. 500,” America’s Fastest-Growing Privately Held Businesses, was selected as a “Blue Chip Enterprise” by the US Chamber of Commerce and received a Marketing Masters award from Inc. Magazine, along with numerous other awards for excellence in customer service and ethics in business.  Cathy was selected as SC’s Entrepreneur of the Year, has been honored as a TWIN (Tribute to Women and Industry) recipient and was the Greater Columbia’s Small Business Person of the year a few years ago.  She was also awarded the runner-up award to the SBA’s Small Business Person of the Year for SC.  Recently, she was recognized as one of Enterprising Women Magazine’s “Enterprising Women of the Year.” TSI is also certified as a WBENC company.
Cathy serves as a consultant for numerous companies in the public and private sector to devise operations and procurement methodologies to emphasize quality, efficiency and pertinence to applications and services desired.  She has also assisted numerous companies in the areas of marketing and communications, including the use of social media to promote products, services and brand recognition.  She serves as a corporate member, South Carolina Information Technology Directors Association (SCITDA) and is a Member, Healthcare EDI Coalition (HEDIC).  She is also a member and past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Women in Technology International (WITI).  Cathy is a member of the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce and numerous other related organizations.  She serves on the Executive Board of EngenuitySC, the Partnership Board for USC’s College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management and numerous advisory panels for companies on matters of equitable procurement processes, maintaining a level playing field for small, minority and woman-owned businesses and promoting local spending for governmental and private procurements.  She is a published author in a business advice book concerning entrepreneurship.
For the past year, Cathy has researched business models to determine which may best match with her desire to “give back” to the community, country and world in which she lives.  MLMauction will provide much-needed assistance to children from all walks of life, in any region around the world and is a cause to which Cathy is dedicated.  She looks forward to applying her proven success strategies and work ethic to make MLMauction a success.
Rick Thompson, CIO:   Rick started his career in Information Technology while still in high school when he took a FORTRAN course at a technical college.  His career has been fueled by a passion for design and development and a love of solving technical problems.  In his 30+ year career in IT, he has worked in numerous industries, especially as a consultant for 19 years.  This is tremendously greater exposure to different business types and models than most IT workers get in their entire lives.
Rick graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in History and minors in Computer Science and French.  His broad education and range of interests have served him well in working both in the highly technical arena and in communicating with Users, managers and developers.  He has worked in extremely demanding technical positions, requiring hard-core development skills and in roles as an instructor where communication and explanation is most important.  Rick has played most conceivable roles in the IT industry – from managing large software projects to leading small teams in development, implementation or conversion, to supporting both new and legacy systems.  Most recently, Rick has focused on the demanding and intricate realm of web-based development, accomplishing projects that required knowledge in multiple areas including Internet security, system & database architecture, inter-systems communications and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
In other areas, Rick is internationally certified as a Fencing Master and runs a very active fencing club in Columbia, SC, where he teaches students from 8 years to 80 years old.  He has been published in national coaching publications and also assists in the training of other fencing coaches.
While Rick enjoys challenging technical projects, he particularly likes projects that are socially significant.  Establishing the MLMauction business has become a passion for him since it is an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to our society – directly through the charitable contributions from the company and indirectly by providing a profitable business opportunity to Team Members.